A sufficient number of people have now expressed an interest in creating a club for apiculture in Phnom Penh to proceed with formation.

Here are the benefits to members:

  • Secure fenced and 24/7 monitored site for 2 hives per member
  • Daily external visual inspection for ants and other problems
  • access to site every non holiday Saturday and selected Sundays
  • Discount on equipment and bees from Bio Logic Cambodia
  • Discount on training¬†from Bio Logic Cambodia
  • Use of extractor on shared basis
  • Assistance and advice with hive management
  • Access to consumables such as wax foundation, wire, and glass jars

The venue has not yet been secured to to liability issues.

The fee for membership will be discussed at our formation meeting.

Given the incidence of Varroa, any bee stocks entering the apiary will have to be inspected prior to entry of obtained from known clean stocks.

To Join, email jamesdumar@yahoo.com.au with club in the subject line.