The main recurring cost in chicken production is food.

An approximate 3:1 conversion ratio prevails in low efficiency breeds, with purchased feed going for about $0.60/kg 1 kg of birds will cost about $2.40.

The silkie chicken sells around $7-9/kg in metropolitan markets, and takes about 16-18 weeks to peak out on the grow cycle.

Obviously, margins can be improved by attracting insects with low wattage lights, and allowing stock to forage. It should be noted that Sunn Hemp seeds are not toxic to poultry.

Typical chicken tractor units as mentioned elsewhere are capable of housing circa 70 birds, which can be expected to produce around 50 kg of stock at maturity. Each chicken tractor would cycle 6-7 times per year with a gross margin of $1400 or more. Each tractor unit would cost lessĀ  than $300 each.

chicken tractor cambodia

Equipment required for this enterprise would include incubators with a capacity of 500 eggs. A feed mill, some minimal brooder housing and fish net confinement fencing for strip grazing would be sufficient.

As you can see, this project offers good profit potential, and is a valuable adjunct in the long term effort to boost soil fertility organically with minimal cash outlays.