Our 10-Year Warranty Means It’s Built To Last

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Built to last and easy to maintain, our promise of robust water pumps that will last at least a decade on your farm.

When a water pump can’t be repaired on the farm – or it’s impossible to repair at all and needs to be replaced – this is because it wasn’t built to last.

At Futurepump, we don’t think this is fair. When you buy something new – you expect it to work for a long time and it should. Farm machinery and water pumps, especially for remote farms, should have longevity designed into them from the start.

Unfortunately, we often see disappointment with short-lived water pumps. With a lifetime of around three years for a petrol pump and regular and costly maintenance, farmers have come to expect frustration and expense when it comes to irrigation. 

Our warranty promise – giving you peace of mind

Whether you are replacing a broken, expensive petrol pump, upgrading from a tiring manual treadle pump, or buying your first water pump for your farm: you need to know your investment will be worth it and provide you with the irrigation you need to make your farm flourish for years. 

With easy maintenance and the right tools, we are confident that Futurepump equipment will irrigate your farm for a decade or more! 

That’s why we are now doubling our warranty from five to ten years. 

This industry leading ten-year warranty will apply to all our current range of solar pumps. So that means, whether you are buying one of our solar pumps today or have bought one already – you are covered from the day of purchase!

Two women set up a Futurepump solar-powered water pump on their farm.

What is a warranty?

A warranty is a promise by the manufacturer that their products will work for at least a number of years. If the item stops working in this timeframe, the manufacturer will help you fix it.

We know that pump downtime can be a risk to your business. That’s why we supply every single one of our water pumps with a kit of spare parts and tools to help you keep your pump irrigating – so that you can make simple repairs quickly and easily – and with no further cost. 

Our ten-year warranty is the best on the market and extends to free replacement parts too. And if you have any unexpected problems, we promise free access to trained servicing and repair experts at your local distributor – as well as remote support from one of our manufacturing technicians if you need to raise a support case on our website. 

We have challenged other water pump manufacturers to follow us and offer a ten-year warranty on their water pumps too! No matter what water pump or other product you choose for your farm, you deserve high-quality products that will last.

So if you are looking at other water pumps, make sure you ask them about their warranty promise and if they are not offering ten years of support – ask them why!

Futurepump products are reliable, season after season.

As well as promising that our solar-powered water pump will last a decade on your farm, we help you to maintain your water pump by immediately providing access to easy-to-follow repair videos online! Plus, we promise to keep making additional spare parts in the years to come, which you can request for free through your local distributor.

To recap: 

Our warranty lasts for ten years!We give you tools and spare parts with the pumpYour local distributor will give you additional free parts when you need them We have DIY repair videos online for you to use, free of chargeWe train your local distributor on how to service and repair your water pumpAs well as offering support direct from the manufacturing technicians by email

Don’t forget the Futurepump warranty also applies retrospectively! If you’ve already purchased your Futurepump SF2 or SE1, you’ve got ten years of spare part support from the date of purchase – just remember to register your warranty.

Be aware that warranties have limitations. 

This means that a company will not assist anyone who intentionally broke their water pump, for example. Aftermarket adjustments, such as attaching accessories or equipment not supplied by Futurepump, can also void your warranty since these changes might negatively affect the performance and reliability of your solar pump. 

Full details about our updated warranty promise can be found here: futurepump.com/support-centre 

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