Mondulkiri offers excellent growing conditions for temperate climate species that do not thrive in most of the country together with a frost free zone that allows tropical species to be cultivated on the deep red volcanic soils.

As well as actual crops, many different plants can be profitably produced for sale to other growers. Downstream processing and marketing afford further opportunities for profit and market consolidation.

Vanilla is in shortfall and globally in demand- a seller’s market with credibly reported income up to $22,000/ HA

mondulkiri vanilla


Like Vanilla, Cacao is facing a world shortage, it is a very high value crop, and being grown in Mondulkiri now. Click the link for more info.


Mexican chilis are unknown in Asia despite the tremendous popularity of Tex Mex cuisine. There are 8 main varieties, here is a brief look at 3

Potatoes have been trialed and shown to be both profitable and successful as an import replacement short duration crop in Mondulkiri. Up to 18 tons per HAa yield is confirmed by trials by the Royal University of Agriculture with a farm gate price around $0.75/kg ie; $13,500 gross income per HA



Strawberries are being successfully grown in Mondulkiri