We’re laying down a warranty challenge to the off-grid sector

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We’re proud to announce that we are doubling our current parts & labour warranty on our products to ten years.

Managing Director Toby Hammond said “With over 9,000 solar pumps sold, with some operating daily in harsh conditions for well over five years, we are now confident to underline our commitment to farmers by increasing our comprehensive warranty to ten years”.

He continued: “Too many impactful devices for off-grid customers are not built to last. As an industry, if we are serious about serving low-income customers in the global south countries, we should not be distributing poor quality throwaway products. We should also be making solid arrangements for future servicing rather than just hoping that breakdowns won’t happen. I therefore challenge our friends and competitors in this nascent industry to match our ten year warranty today”.

As a manufacturer, we have worked hard to design a range of solar pumps which are built to last, are robust, and easy to maintain. Currently, our solar pumps are sold through accredited partners in 22 countries and can be bought direct from our factory globally. Every single pump comes with kit of spare parts and tools which enables farmers to keep their pump running efficiently, we then have a tiered support system which we backstop at the factory.

How our warranty works:

Once you’ve purchased your pump, and for the next ten years, it is our promise that as a customers will be able to access free-issue spare parts, and associated servicing assistance to keep your solar pumps running smoothly. This increased warranty also applies retrospectively to any SF2 or SE1 model already sold. To be eligible, simply activate your warranty at http://warranty.futurepump.com

Full details about our updated warranty promise can be found here: futurepump.com/support-centre

Media enquiries: helen.davies@futurepump.com 

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